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Imposter Queen


characters that go from villain to awkward friend are so important




The petition to legally recognize non-binary genders expired because it did not reach 100,000 signatures in time.


there is no excuse for this post to have twice as many notes as the petition has signatures please sign it i know you dont think that your one signature wont make a difference but consider thousands of other people thinking the exact same thing just sign it.

Reblog if your muse has a dark side, please




You guys have no clue.


okay but hear me out here

*clears throat*

canon, healthy, non-sexualised lesbians who don’t die


Did you say: Instructions Not Included?

Anonymous: Well if Your ready we can go. They don't like outsiders all to well due to they're history with ponies

"Well, it’s a good thing I’m not a pony then, isn’t it?" A sarcastic bit of a grin wound up marking her face prior to announcing "I am ready as I’ll get, however."

Anonymous: Well the love in the everfree forest. I'll gladly lead you to them but it'll be dangerous. One of them is equivalent to five of celestia's top royal guards.

"I am no stranger to danger. Celestia’s guards haven’t even truly had to stand up to much force, anyways.. if something breaks out, I’m certain I’d be interested to see how it goes."

Anonymous: Or perhaps you can persuade her own guards to attack. A direct assult would be bad as evidenced by your defeat and while an army would be handy it has it's downfalls such as backstabbers. But there's one race that's sure to help you. They despise the royal sisters and if you convince them they'll be a powerful ally.

"They’ve kind of separated their lead weapon from Canterlot, though you are correct that causing their guards to attack on my behalf would work well. However.. well, I have plans of my own for Cadence anyways."

"Nevertheless, who do you speak of which could be of great assistance?"

queenfrau: "Let's just, make everypony on the enemy side fat. They'll be docile, lovable, and too lazy to care about new leadership. And we could stuff them with food all we want! Perfect plan!"

"We shall call it Plan F. Muahahaha!" Chrysalis, sitting, places her front hooves together and then strokes an invisible cat. "Perfect."

Cage the Elephant - In One Ear

Here’s the moral to the story: we don’t do it for the glory, we don’t do it for the money, we don’t do it for the things
So all the critics who despise us go ahead and criticise us it’s your tyranny that drives us, adds the fire to our flames
Anonymous: Have you ever thought about trying to form alliances? Cause alone you were defeated but when allied with another ally you'll be unstoppable.

"Holy shit what is this, two years ago? I’m strong enough as things are, we practically won. If it wasn’t for a bullshit weaponization of love, we would have won."

"To answer your question, however: yes, I have thought about "trying" to form alliances. I am very close to signing in with Luna, and have signed with the Blobpony Empire.. they have tanks, from last I heard."

"However, we’re also trying a less militaristic takeover, because it failed in the direct assault, it won’t really help if we try it again. The real way to power now is from within, with the people.. even if I do hold resentment for alicorns as a whole, and Celestia’s continuation of their rules, I do concede that we will not be able to succeed without the lower level’s support."

prince-shining-armor: "You're not that cute."

"Neither are you, ha. Ha."

queenfrau: Frau grins, "Haha, you're right! Evil is pretty hot, and it can be adorable! Mostly hot though. Like you!" The Queen gives her bestie-other-Queen a wink.

"I’ve seen a lot of hot evil, and a little bit of adorable evil. You might be the exception, since you’re both." That wink was returned with a slight display of her tongue’s tip, which slipped back into a grin after its job was through.